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Standings Week 2

Platinum A
1Cleary TavernWhat's Our Name?29
23rd BaseYou Mad Bro?24
33rd BaseRuck Tards22
4Big's Trudeau Tavern$2 Gene's20
5Cleary TavernRonnie Tricked Us12
6Cleary TavernUm, What?7
What's Our Name?13$2 Gene's6
Um, What?4Ruck Tards15
You Mad Bro?12Ronnie Tricked Us7
Gold B
1Buffalo'sSudden Death24
27001 Sports BarJerry's Kids20
3BabylonReel Talk20
4The Fox HouseThe Trips17
5Uncle Joe'sNobody15
Reel Talk12The Trips7
Nobody6Sudden Death13
Jerry's Kids10BYE
Gold C
1Cleary TavernLast Minute Throw Down28
2Critic's ChoiceEvil Never Dies19
3Chateau PubOff in da Shower19
Evil Never Dies9Doggers10
Off in da Shower9Hellifino10
Last Minute Throw Down10BYE1
Silver D
13rd BaseJust the Tip23
27001 Sports BarBulls and Beer22
3JB'sIs It In?19
4Pair of DiceSNAFU16
5The TurtleDamage Inc.16
Is It In?7Bulls and Beer12
SNAFU9Just the Tip10
Damage Inc.10BYE
Silver E
1Joe's Caddy CornerBrew Krewe25
2Pair of DiceTriple D21
3Sports ClubDuck Duck Goose20
4SportsBeatBlatant Disrespect18
5Joe's Caddy CornerWhat Day Is It?12
What Day Is It?7Triple D12
Blatant Disrespect8Brew Krewe11
Duck Duck Goose10BYE
Silver F
1Colby's CocktailsOver the Hill Gang24
2Brewsky'sFat 20's23
3Coach's CornerLowered Expectations21
43rd BaseCluster Fuk14
5SidelinesCan't Hit Shit!14
Cluster Fuk5Over the Hill Gang14
Fat 20's8Lowered Expectations11
Can't Hit Shit!10BYE
Silver G
1Coach's CornerRick's Misfits23
2KJ's PlaceBad But Good At It22
3Chateau PubThrew Dat!20
4Smitty's After HoursRound of None16
5Hurricane'sBullseye Boogee15
Bullseye Boogee8Threw Dat!11
Rick's Misfits13Round of None6
Bad But Good At It10BYE
Bronze 1 H
1Sports ClubDart Dogs34
2Daiquiris & CreamsTuesday Knights27
33rd BaseSaints-N-Sinners22
4DBC Bar & GrillBacchus in Exile21
5DJ's HideawayMisfits7
6The Fox HouseDaBullsHitter3
Dart Dogs18Misfits1
Tuesday Knights11Bacchus in Exile8
Bronze 1 I
1The ClinicThe Dart Doctors25
2The MaxWB Crew22
3King's CabaretBullshyters21
4SidelinesTons of Bull19
5StepbrothersWho Darted?16
6Cleary Taverna dart team11
Who Darted?8Bullshyters11
a dart team5The Dart Doctors14
WB Crew9Tons of Bull10
Bronze 2 J
1Pink Street PubPink Parts27
2Gennaro'sBig Dogs26
3Daiquiri StopGood Shot Stupid18
4Lucky CueDarts-R-Us18
5Big's Trudeau Tavern#GFY17
6The Fox HouseCork It8
Pink Darts14Cork It5
#GFY9Big Dogs10
Darts-R-Us7Good Shot Stupid12
Bronze 2 K
1Critic's ChoiceRooster Up!23
2ChampionsWhat's the Point?22
3Colby's CocktailsSaints20
43rd BaseThe Breakfast Club18
5KJ's PlaceRed Eye Assassins17
6Chateau PubLady & the Tramps14
The Breakfast Club7Rooster Up!12
What's the Point?10Red Eye Assassins9
Saints13Lady & the Tramps6
Bronze 2 L
1The TurtleBonvervirus23
2The MillWrong Trips23
3Players PubBridget18
4Cleary TavernJust for Fun18
6The TurtleSouthern Discomfort15
Wrong Trips11Bridget8
Bonvervirus10Just for Fun19
Deadbeats10Southern Discomfort9
Bronze 2 M
1Colby's CocktailsDart Devils28
2The MaxPsychos22
3The Cabin1 More Shot19
4Fulco's BarDon’t Be Suspicious19
5The Fox HouseSticks & Holes14
63rd BasePitt Bulls12
Pitt Bulls1Dart Devils18
Sticks & Holes81 More Shot11
Don’t Be Suspicious6Psychos13