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Standings Week 1

Platinum A
13rd BaseYou Mad Bro?15
2C BeeversI Don't Care13
3Cleary TavernHit Men12
4C BeeversNCRTB7
5Cleary TavernWhat's Our Name?6
6Cleary TavernUm, What?4
NCRTB7Hit Men12
What's Our Name?6I Don't Care13
You Mad Bro?15Um, What?4
Gold B
2Cleary TavernNew Team10
3Cleary TavernHere We Go Again10
4The Marsh RoomDrain da Marsh9
New Team10Drain da Marsh9
Here We Go Again10BYE
Gold C
1Critics ChoiceEvil Never Dies13
23rd BaseJust the Tip11
37001 Sports BarJerry's Kids10
4Cleary TavernHey Dude's8
5The Marsh RoomThe Trips6
Hey Dude's8Just the Tip11
The Trips6Evil Never Dies13
Jerry's Kids10BYE
Silver D
13rd BaseShake-N-Bake14
2Daiquiris & CreamsThe Knights10
3SportsBeatBlatant Disrespect9
4Causeway GrillOn Point5
5C BeeversBrew Krewe0
6Out of BoundsVirgin Fingers0
Shake-N-Bake14On Point5
Blatant Disrespect9The Knights10
Brew Krewe(Postponed)?Virgin Fingers?
Silver E
1Sports ClubMy Wife Said I Can16
2The TurtleDamage Inc.13
3Chateau PubOff in da Shower10
4Coach's CornerDis Bullshit9
5SportsBeatOver the Hill Gang6
6Pair of DiceSNAFU3
Damage Inc.13Over the Hill Gang6
My Wife Said I Can16SNAFU3
Off in da Shower10Dis Bullshit9
Bronze 1 F
1Cleary TavernBall Busters14
2KJ's PlaceBad But Good At It11
3The ClinicThe Dart Doctors10
4Pair of DiceFind the Pink9
5Coach's CornerRick's Misfits8
6Dolly'sJager Bombers5
Rick's Misfits8Bad But Good At It11
Find the Pink9The Dart Doctors10
Jager Bombers5Ball Busters14
Bronze 1 G
1Pair of DiceNot Even Close17
2The MaxWB Crew13
3Sports ClubDart Dogs11
4Cleary TavernBend over, I'll Show You8
53rd BaseCluster Fuk6
WB Crew13Cluster Fuk6
Hellifino2Not Even Close17
Bend over, I'll Show You8Dart Dogs11
Bronze 1 H
1C BeeversSeein' Double Throwin' Single13
23rd BaseSaints-N-Sinners10
3DBC Bar & GrillBacchus in Exile10
4Daiquiris & CreamsRudenhefer's Kids9
5StepbrothersGet Shafted9
63rd BaseSaints6
Bacchus in Exile10Get Shafted9
Rudenhefer's Kids9Saints-N-Sinners10
Saints6Seein' Double Throwin' Single13
Bronze 1 I
1King's CabaretBullshyters16
2Chateau PubThrew Dat!13
3Rudy's Pub and GrubPuss Pops10
4Lucky CueMisfits9
5Studio 2Cork Up or Shut Up6
6Tavern on VetsWhat's the Point?3
Cork Up or Shut Up6Threw Dat!13
Misfits9Puss Pops10
Bullshyters16What's the Point?3
Bronze 2 J
1Pink Street PubPink Parts15
23rd BaseThe Breakfast Club10
3The CabinRooster Up!10
4The MillWrong Trips9
5Trudeau Tavern#GFY9
6Daiquiri StopD-Stop Misfits4
The Breakfast Club10Wrong Trips9
D-Stop Misfits4Pink Parts15
#GFY9Rooster Up!10
Bronze 2 K
1Twist of Lime1 More Shot14
2Trudeau TavernNo Big Deal13
3KJ's PlaceRed Eye Assassins10
43rd BaseI'd Hit That9
5Cleary TavernBanging da Neighbaz6
6Daiquiri StopCan't Get Right5
Red Eye Assassins10I'd Hit That9
Banging da Neighbaz6No Big Deal13
1 More Shot14Can't Get Right5
Bronze 2 L
1Cleary TavernDart Crazy13
2The TurtleSouthern Discomfort11
3The MaxPsychos10
4Fulco's BarNot It Again!9
5Rudy's Pub and GrubA Drinking Team with a Dart Problem8
6C BeeversRim Jobs6
Rim Jobs6Dart Crazy13
Not It Again!9Psychos10
A Drinking Team with a Dart Problem8Southern Discomfort11