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Standings Week 1

Platinum/Gold A/B
1The Marsh RoomSeein' Double Throwin' Single14
2Swamp RoomSwamp Ass13
3Cleary TavernHit What?12
4The Stallion BarWho Knows7
5Cleary TavernHere We Go Again Again Again6
63rd BaseI Don't Care5
Here We Go Again Again Again6Swamp Ass13
I Don't Care5Seein' Double Throwin' Single14
Who Knows7Hit What?12
Gold C
13rd BaseJust the Tip15
2Causeway Bar & GrillCheck Out our Pork Skins13
3Coach's CornerEvil Never Dies11
4Chateau PubOff in da Shower8
6The Marsh Room We Suck Again4
Evil Never Dies11Off in da Shower8
We Suck Again4Just the Tip15
Check Out our Pork Skins13Doggers6
Silver D
1The Marsh RoomThe Trips15
2SportsBeatBlatant Disrespect14
37001 Sports BarJerry's Kids11
4BabylonSmells Like Bulls Hit8
5Daiquiris & CreamsKnights5
63rd Base Leftovers4
Leftovers4The Trips15
Jerry's Kids11Smells Like Bulls Hit8
Blatant Disrespect14Knights5
Silver E
1The MaxWB Crew15
2Chateau PubThrew Dat!13
3SportsBeatOver the Hill Gang12
4Daiquiris & CreamsRudenhefer's Kids7
5Coach's CornerDis Bullshit6
6The Turtle Damage Inc.4
Damage Inc.4WB Crew15
Threw Dat!13Dis Bullshit6
Rudenhefer's Kids7Over the Hill Gang12
Bronze 1 F
1KJ's PlaceBad But Good At It17
2ChampionsJust the tip16
3Pair of DiceFind the Pink10
4StepbrothersPut the tractor in the barn9
53rd Base Cluster Fuk3
6Pair of DiceNot Even Close2
Just the tip16Cluster Fuk3
Put the tractor in the barn9Find the Pink10
Not Even Close2Bad But Good At It17
Bronze 1 G
1Causeway Bar & GrillYou Know the Dill19
2Sports ClubHalf & Half12
3BullseyesShake Em Off11
5Coach's CornerOne More Dart7
6Trudeau Tavern#GFY0
Half & Half12One More Dart7
Hellifino8Shake Em Off11
#GFY0You Know the Dill19
Bronze 1 H
1Twist of Lime1 More Shot14
2Lucky CueMisfits12
3Dolly'sJager Bombers11
4Uncle Joe'sThe Dart Doctors8
5Sports ClubDart Dogs7
6The Marsh Room8 Mates5
Misfits12Dart Dogs7
8 Mates51 More Shot14
Jager Bombers11The Dart Doctors8
Bronze 1 I
1Coach's CornerThe Use to B's16
2ShenanigansThe Unknowns10
3Tavern on VetsWhat's the Point?10
4Unce Matt'sShould Be Fishing9
5Studio 2 Cork Up or Shut Up3
What's the Point?10Should Be Fishing9
The Use to B's16Cork Up or Shut Up3
The Unknowns10BYE
Bronze 2 J
13rd BaseI'd Hit That12
2Cleary TavernFlight Crew10
3Cleary TavernBanging da Neighbaz10
4The PubBlame it on 4310
53rd BaseThe Breakfast Club7
The Breakfast Club7I'd Hit That12
Blame it on 4310Flight Crew10
Banging da Neighbaz10BYE
Bronze 2 K
1Sidelines Can't Get Right16
2The Stallion BarStallion Dartvader11
3DBC Bar & GrillBacchus in Exile10
4Cleary TavernFamily Affair8
5Rudy's Pub and GrubThrowin' Together3
6The MillWrong Trips0
Can't Get Right16Throwin' Together3
Family Affair8Stallion Dartvader11
Bacchus in Exile12Wrong Trips7
Bronze 2 L
1The CabinDrink Up15
2Rudy's Pub and GrubA Drinking Team with a Dart Problem12
3Fulco's BarSharp Shit at the Wall11
4KJ's PlaceRed Eye Assassins8
5Daiquiri StopMisfits7
6The Turtle Southern Discomfort4
A Drinking Team with a Dart Problem12Misfits7
Drink Up15Southern Discomfort4
Red Eye Assassins8Sharp Shit at the Wall11
Bronze 2 M
1ShenanigansVirgin Fingers13
2Cleary TavernSmells Like Bullshit10
3The MaxPsychos10
4Cleary TavernDart Crazy6
5Pair of DiceZim Zimma0
Psychos10Zim Zimma(F)0
Virgin Fingers13Dart Crazy6
Smells Like Bullshit10BYE