Player Numbers

Rev. 2019-06-21

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Player NumberPlayer NameTeam
1Kenric Thornton3rd Base Rucking Rassroles
2Thomas "Bubba" Santos3rd Base Rucking Rassroles
3Josh Ancar3rd Base Won Hole One Ders
4Terrell Thornton3rd Base Rucking Rassroles
5Jude Sanchez3rd Base Rucking Rassroles
6Darren Piercey3rd Base Rucking Rassroles
7Darrin Conaway3rd Base Rucking Rassroles
8Andrew Hammack3rd Base Won Hole One Ders
9Paul Dugas3rd Base Won Hole One Ders
10Dewy Bruce3rd Base Won Hole One Ders
11Anthony Vicknair3rd Base Won Hole One Ders
12Gene VazBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
13John IllgBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
14Tony LucasBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
15Joe "JLo" LopiccoloBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
16David PulliamBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
17Richie EverettBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
18Lewis RobertsBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
19Ronnie DalleoCleary Tavern What's Our Name?
20Nick MarseCleary Tavern What's Our Name?
21Jon LeggioCleary Tavern What's Our Name?
22Jason ComardelleCleary Tavern What's Our Name?
23Steve OxfordCleary Tavern What's Our Name?
24Steve CorcoranCleary Tavern What's Our Name?
25Troy GarnerCleary Tavern What's Our Name?
26Christopher SchmidtCleary Tavern W.W.S.D.
27Chad ShoemakerCleary Tavern W.W.S.D.
28Beth SchubertCleary Tavern W.W.S.D.
29Louis Trusty Sr.Cleary Tavern W.W.S.D.
30Jeff SeubeCleary Tavern W.W.S.D.
31Kevin MartinCleary Tavern W.W.S.D.
32James StoneCleary Tavern W.W.S.D.
38Greg "Shotzone" Diettel7001 Bar Jerry's Kids
39Kevin "Worm" Gregoire7001 Bar Jerry's Kids
40Chris Wehlen7001 Bar Jerry's Kids
41Jonathan "Puke" Albert7001 Bar Jerry's Kids
42Jerry Wehlen7001 Bar Jerry's Kids
43Sean "Chop" Tauzin7001 Bar Jerry's Kids
44Ben Vezinat7001 Bar Jerry's Kids
45Steve RaineyUncle Joe's Nobody
46Billy O'connerUncle Joe's Nobody
47Neil SaiaUncle Joe's Nobody
48Roy DominickUncle Joe's Nobody
49Cory TurnerUncle Joe's Nobody
50Bryan RaineyUncle Joe's Nobody
51Royce JohnsonBabylon Demons of Babylon
52Robert BurkeBabylon Demons of Babylon
53Robert ZiglerBabylon Demons of Babylon
54Brian TurnerBabylon Demons of Babylon
55Jason HamptonBabylon Demons of Babylon
56Barry BairnsfatherCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us
57Chuckie GrafCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us
58Mike LabatCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us
59Stacy RepathCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us
60Jason HollingsworthCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us
61Kenny McDonaldCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us
62ZookCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
63Kevin McLellanCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
64Keith McDonaldCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
65Mark WebbCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
66Mike SellsCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
67Reid SaiaCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
68Al WortmanCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
69Jerome HymelCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
70Scott KorndorferStepbrothers Doggers
71Wayne Tauzier Jr.Stepbrothers Doggers
72Glenn SchiaffinoStepbrothers Doggers
73Jimmy BuckelStepbrothers Doggers
74Damon SeniaStepbrothers Doggers
75Darryl SeniaStepbrothers Doggers
76Doggers open SpotStepbrothers Doggers
77Tracie FussellTavern on Vets Fire in the Hole
78Rene AlaminaTavern on Vets Fire in the Hole
79John BadingerTavern on Vets Fire in the Hole
80Kyle HrubesTavern on Vets Fire in the Hole
81Nelson VillanuevaTavern on Vets Fire in the Hole
82Eric PenningtonTavern on Vets Fire in the Hole
83Steve FurstSportsBeat Hellifino
84Brad McAdamSportsBeat Hellifino
85Staci McAdamSportsBeat Hellifino
86Bones TackeSportsBeat Hellifino
87Mahlon NortonSportsBeat Hellifino
88Cullen CuretteSportsBeat Hellifino
89Tom PettySportsBeat Hellifino
90Todd SeitherSportsBeat Hellifino
91Austin McDonaldSportsBeat Hellifino
92Ian HarperBlindspot T.D.S.
93Brad JosephBlindspot T.D.S.
94Tony TorrollBlindspot T.D.S.
95Mike JunkerBlindspot T.D.S.
96Mark VincentBlindspot T.D.S.
97Matt DubucBlindspot T.D.S.
98Jonathan HastingsChateau Pub Off in da shower
99David HastingsChateau Pub Off in da shower
100Devin HastingsChateau Pub Off in da shower
101Chris LaurentChateau Pub Off in da shower
102Taylor CurtisChateau Pub Off in da shower
103Daniel CookChateau Pub Off in da shower
104Brett CookChateau Pub Off in da shower
105Bert Desadier3rd Base Flying Donkeys
106Keith Villafranco3rd Base Flying Donkeys
107Paul Landry3rd Base Flying Donkeys
108Scott Dillard3rd Base Flying Donkeys
109Mike Trevino3rd Base Flying Donkeys
110Randy Ruiz3rd Base Flying Donkeys
111Flying Donkeys open spot3rd Base Flying Donkeys
112Jason Fike3rd Base Lucky Darts 2.0
113Casie Loupe3rd Base Lucky Darts 2.0
114Eric Masuosauve3rd Base Lucky Darts 2.0
115Solja Villa3rd Base Lucky Darts 2.0
116Scott WinterThe Mill Classic Rewind
117Jason BaudierThe Mill Classic Rewind
118Donald HanemannThe Mill Classic Rewind
119John AndersonThe Mill Classic Rewind
120Brian MonsonThe Mill Classic Rewind
121Dale MaybankThe Mill Classic Rewind
122David MooreThe Mill Classic Rewind
123 Ronbo Perkins Coach's Corner Capeesh
124 Ronnie Jenkins Coach's Corner Capeesh
125 Billy Gugliuzza Coach's Corner Capeesh
126 Don Lucurto Coach's Corner Capeesh
127 Sal Lucurto Coach's Corner Capeesh
128Barry CarrThe Turtle Damage Inc
129Peter GeigerThe Turtle Damage Inc
130Jason AsevedoThe Turtle Damage Inc
131Joe DominiqueThe Turtle Damage Inc
132Joe WaechterThe Turtle Damage Inc
133Tim HenryThe Turtle Damage Inc
134Craig AdamThe Turtle Damage Inc
135Randy CarrThe Turtle Damage Inc
136Jimmy PocheBuffalo's One Daht
137Dave HungerBuffalo's One Daht
138Mitch FoorBuffalo's One Daht
139Andre BrueBuffalo's One Daht
140Jason JarvinenBuffalo's One Daht
141Robbie CasseBuffalo's One Daht
142Bob RaynoBuoy's The Trips
143Mike CharbonnetBuoy's The Trips
144Josh GreenBuoy's The Trips
145Andrew BoyleBuoy's The Trips
146The Trips open spotBuoy's The Trips
147Brett TarantoJB's Straight Trippin
148Blair TarantoJB's Straight Trippin
149Sean BoudreauxJB's Straight Trippin
150Dean LandryJB's Straight Trippin
151Billy ColemanJB's Straight Trippin
152Carl LabitJB's Straight Trippin
153Cody ProwellJB's Straight Trippin
154Chris JoergerJB's Straight Trippin
155Craig MorvantSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
156Dreux MorvantSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
157Scott MorvantSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
158Clint HawkinsSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
159Dean D'AntonioSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
160Steve TircuitSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
161Jay ClineShenanigans Shots and Darts
162Freddie WistromShenanigans Shots and Darts
163Shaun DanosShenanigans Shots and Darts
164Bobby FriedShenanigans Shots and Darts
165Ezequiel OlmoShenanigans Shots and Darts
166Ryan MartinShenanigans Shots and Darts
167Michelle MoralesPair of Dice SNAFU
168Paul Morales IIIPair of Dice SNAFU
169Steve VazPair of Dice SNAFU
170Tommy StuartPair of Dice SNAFU
171Graham FoggPair of Dice SNAFU
172Bob CollinsPair of Dice SNAFU
173Corky DennisJoe's Caddy Corner What Day Is It?
174John WheelerJoe's Caddy Corner What Day Is It?
175Emily ZieglerJoe's Caddy Corner What Day Is It?
176David ZieglerJoe's Caddy Corner What Day Is It?
177Keith DennisJoe's Caddy Corner What Day Is It?
178David RittinerBuffalo's Fat 20's
179Bert MillerBuffalo's Fat 20's
180Matt RoseBuffalo's Fat 20's
181Joseph HalmBuffalo's Fat 20's
182Brad CollinsBuffalo's Fat 20's
183Cory BreauxBuffalo's Fat 20's
184Sydni LandreneauBuffalo's Fat 20's
185Ashley PerryPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
186Tony RodiPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
187Kevin DoylePerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
188Jack LyonPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
189Troy GelpiPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
190Mike HamiltonPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
191Ryan BecnelPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
192Eddie RomePerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
193Drew McGuireCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
194Billy FontenotCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
195Ryan FrickCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
196Art HattierCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
197Jeremiah HammonsCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
198Robert ColombelCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
199Michael HarrisonCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
200Linda HattierCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
201Bobby BeckSports Club Really?
202Tim LusignanSports Club Really?
203Anne BeckSports Club Really?
204Michael BeckSports Club Really?
205Trey GaudetSports Club Really?
206Keith TrahantSports Club Really?
207Spencer ArrachavalaSports Club Really?
208Justin HondroulisDBC Bar & Grill Cork it Up
209Clint SlaughterDBC Bar & Grill Cork it Up
210Joe StengleDBC Bar & Grill Cork it Up
211Todd BrechtelDBC Bar & Grill Cork it Up
212David MetgeDBC Bar & Grill Cork it Up
213Dirk RedpathDBC Bar & Grill Cork it Up
214Ed FahrenholtPair of Dice Triple D's
215Keith LaufPair of Dice Triple D's
216James TeroPair of Dice Triple D's
217Kenneth BayardPair of Dice Triple D's
218Stephanie BeauvaisPair of Dice Triple D's
219Robert Babin3rd Base Cluster Fuk
220Hugo Alphonso3rd Base Cluster Fuk
221Jenny Taylor3rd Base Cluster Fuk
222Jill Bowles3rd Base Cluster Fuk
223Timmy Becnel3rd Base Cluster Fuk
224Chris Chapman3rd Base Cluster Fuk
225Derick Blackmer3rd Base Cluster Fuk
226Trevor Arthor3rd Base The Breakfast Club
227Trey Neck3rd Base The Breakfast Club
228Zach Pollock3rd Base The Breakfast Club
229Hunter Menendez3rd Base The Breakfast Club
230Emory3rd Base The Breakfast Club
231David Wiggins3rd Base The Breakfast Club
232Donald HertzDaiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
233Ed BagnellDaiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
234Richard GravesDaiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
235Harry Meisel Daiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
236Sheila Irizarry Daiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
237Stan CooperVinnie's Caddyshack Bulls on Parade
238James KrummelVinnie's Caddyshack Bulls on Parade
239Renee MelanconVinnie's Caddyshack Bulls on Parade
240Cory JohnsonVinnie's Caddyshack Bulls on Parade
241Dylan HoltzclawVinnie's Caddyshack Bulls on Parade
242Eddie PatrickVinnie's Caddyshack Bulls on Parade
243Ryan OliveriPair of Dice In The Mud
244Lindsay ReinePair of Dice In The Mud
245Peg HirscheyPair of Dice In The Mud
246Justin BreathPair of Dice In The Mud
247Freddy JacobPair of Dice In The Mud
248Louis ToupsPair of Dice In The Mud
249Mike LaporteDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
250Doyle CooperDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
251Joe CooperDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
252Mike McAndrewDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
253Dee LafayeDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
254Anthony FilipponeDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
255Bacchus in Exile open spotDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
256Gavin CookCleary Tavern No Idea
257Cara GoodCleary Tavern No Idea
258Shawn WhartonCleary Tavern No Idea
259Dave GriffinCleary Tavern No Idea
260John MaldonadoCleary Tavern No Idea
261Kelly KnightCleary Tavern No Idea
262Kimberly Twilbeck3rd Base Rare Form
263Chris Dove3rd Base Rare Form
264Kemberly Donaldson3rd Base Rare Form
265Darlene Guerra3rd Base Rare Form
266Tracie Fenney3rd Base Rare Form
267Alan Alaniz3rd Base Rare Form
268Steven ClementCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
269Steve SellersCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
270Patrick AcheeCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
271Josh HowardCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
272Mike GanawayCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
273Dave ParkerCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
274Kim RauchDaiquiris & Creams Knights
275Javier CampuzanoDaiquiris & Creams Knights
276Mike BeecherDaiquiris & Creams Knights
277Dennis AntoiniDaiquiris & Creams Knights
278Craig StreetDaiquiris & Creams Knights
279Doobie BonckDaiquiris & Creams Knights
280Tommy SerpasDaiquiris & Creams Knights
281Chuck EngeronDaiquiris & Creams Knights
282Seth HowardChateau Pub Threw Dat!
283Travis GremillionChateau Pub Threw Dat!
284Mikie DantonioChateau Pub Threw Dat!
285Ryan WestChateau Pub Threw Dat!
286Jacob WestChateau Pub Threw Dat!
287Floyd HowardChateau Pub Threw Dat!
288Chloe BrocatoChateau Pub Threw Dat!
289Shane RyanSports Club Wife Swap!!!
290Duane SloweySports Club Wife Swap!!!
291David BrownSports Club Wife Swap!!!
292Michael O'NealSports Club Wife Swap!!!
293Jeremi GreeneSports Club Wife Swap!!!
294Jason VinsonSports Club Wife Swap!!!
295Richie Turcios3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
296April Turcios3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
297Mike Mulder3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
298Floyd Sampey3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
299Glenn Marino3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
300Bo Knorr3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
301Scott Grabert3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
302Chris FontaineSidelines Night! Night!
303Ron GallowaySidelines Night! Night!
304Jereme LedetSidelines Night! Night!
305Kenny KimbleSidelines Night! Night!
306Ryan KnightSidelines Night! Night!
307Garith HornSidelines Night! Night!
308Ricky BoudreauxSidelines Night! Night!
309Sid GaudetBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
310Brian LandryBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
311Craig BrogleBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
312Brian BrogleBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
313Jose SosaBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
314Michael BrandonBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
315Sonny PenningtonColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
316Richard ChaseColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
317Glenn TheriotColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
318Mike HudsonColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
319Cheryl BieserColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
320Bryan DeRochaColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
321Mike BordelonBabylon Inglorious Bastards II
322David KieranBabylon Inglorious Bastards II
323Paul MoralesBabylon Inglorious Bastards II
324Alex PedrazaBabylon Inglorious Bastards II
325Louis WiltSports Club Dart Dogs
326Rob BornhostSports Club Dart Dogs
327Steve WiltSports Club Dart Dogs
328Scott SavoySports Club Dart Dogs
329Jim ButlerSports Club Dart Dogs
330Dave OlivierSports Club Dart Dogs
331Craig CathcartColby's Cocktails Put it in the Hole
332Keith AbneyColby's Cocktails Put it in the Hole
333Brandon CathcartColby's Cocktails Put it in the Hole
334Kip McCollumColby's Cocktails Put it in the Hole
335Kathy MartinyColby's Cocktails Put it in the Hole
336Jason Hippy CarmenaKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
337Joe FelicianaKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
338Rob JohnsonKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
339Tyler LocantroKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
340Mike HillKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
341Mary CrollKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
342Mark HarrisonThe Max W.B. Crew
343Mario GalliotoThe Max W.B. Crew
344Dane OrtegaThe Max W.B. Crew
345Stephen GalliotoThe Max W.B. Crew
346Randy OrtegaThe Max W.B. Crew
347WB Crew open spotThe Max W.B. Crew
348John GrandolfoGennaro's Big Dogs
349Danny AdkinsGennaro's Big Dogs
350Eric StuartGennaro's Big Dogs
351Mike MeisnerGennaro's Big Dogs
352Cory StuartGennaro's Big Dogs
353Lee MeisnerGennaro's Big Dogs
354Rich SireraGennaro's Big Dogs
355Stephen EckerleGennaro's Big Dogs
356Brandon VicknairJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
357Joe GalianoJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
358Zac FisherJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
359Brennan SchexnayderJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
360Blake MorrisJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
361Tyler MorrisJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
362Terrill Downey Jr.Joe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
363Mickey TassinJoe's Caddy Corner What Day Is It?
364Chuck EagertonThe Turtle Southern Discomfort
365Michael DiamondThe Turtle Southern Discomfort
366Steve RafeedieThe Turtle Southern Discomfort
367Ricky FroebaThe Turtle Southern Discomfort
368Justin HungermanThe Turtle Southern Discomfort
369Marissa UnverdorbenThe Turtle Southern Discomfort
370Tony SmithSmitty's After Hours Round of none
371Rene CalderaSmitty's After Hours Round of none
372Dayna ChiassonSmitty's After Hours Round of none
373Jazmin PerezSmitty's After Hours Round of none
374Chris EvansSmitty's After Hours Round of none
375Matt HolmanSmitty's After Hours Round of none
376Ricky WilliamsSmitty's After Hours Round of none
377Lou PerezKings Cabaret Bullshyters
378Nancy KirkKings Cabaret Bullshyters
379Tammy GallegosKings Cabaret Bullshyters
380David VitranoKings Cabaret Bullshyters
381Gary BurghardtKings Cabaret Bullshyters
382Bill GoodwinKJ's Place Red Eye Assassins
383Pete WilliamsKJ's Place Red Eye Assassins
384Bobby JohnsonKJ's Place Red Eye Assassins
385Tony SchulteKJ's Place Red Eye Assassins
386John CoatesKJ's Place Red Eye Assassins
387Antonia WinderKJ's Place Back in Time
388Mike BinghamKJ's Place Back in Time
389Donald BrooksKJ's Place Back in Time
390Robert BrooksKJ's Place Back in Time
391Rachel GreyKJ's Place Back in Time
392Brandon MusacchiaKJ's Place Back in Time
393Kris WinderKJ's Place Back in Time
394Dustie LabatCleary Tavern Ball Busters
395Terrin GuidryCleary Tavern Ball Busters
396Lauren SchexnayderCleary Tavern Ball Busters
397Christina MejiaCleary Tavern Ball Busters
398Alexa CraigCleary Tavern Ball Busters
399Laurie GordonCleary Tavern Ball Busters
400Shanyn SavoisCleary Tavern Ball Busters
401Rich RomeCleary Tavern That's What She Said
402Jason SolerCleary Tavern That's What She Said
403Tommy ArbonCleary Tavern That's What She Said
404Adam ChampagneCleary Tavern That's What She Said
405Clay HeidingsfelderCleary Tavern That's What She Said
406Darren DupuyCleary Tavern That's What She Said
407Yvonne RearickThe Porthole Jameson Please
408Brittany TullierThe Porthole Jameson Please
409Ryan GilmoreThe Porthole Jameson Please
410Jordan BanquerThe Porthole Jameson Please
411Teddy MorelThe Porthole Jameson Please
412Jordan RicouardThe Porthole Jameson Please
413Charlie TisdaleThe Porthole Jameson Please
414Chris ClaryThe Porthole Jameson Please
415Chris HingleThe Porthole Jameson Please
416Beck MorganCleary Tavern Scratch-n-Sniff
417Wanda LoweryCleary Tavern Scratch-n-Sniff
418Tracie NicolosiCleary Tavern Scratch-n-Sniff
419Shawn CarlisleCleary Tavern Scratch-n-Sniff
420Todd BecnelCleary Tavern Scratch-n-Sniff
421Boo OustaletSportsBeat Deadbeats
422Joe ExniciosSportsBeat Deadbeats
423Brad EstaSportsBeat Deadbeats
424Johnny YoderSportsBeat Deadbeats
425Billy SaundersSportsBeat Deadbeats
426Norman BonnetteSportsBeat Deadbeats
427Daryl LoweThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
428Larry HolmanThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
429John DunnThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
430Robert PrejeantThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
431Albert BerniosThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
432Ryan GandolinThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
433Jimmy WelborneLucky Cue Home Skillets
434James BrennanLucky Cue Home Skillets
435Michael BrennanLucky Cue Home Skillets
436Jerry DaleLucky Cue Home Skillets
437Jerry SterlingLucky Cue Home Skillets
438Amber BentellLucky Cue Home Skillets
439Chris BonnetteLucky Cue Home Skillets
440David BonnetteLucky Cue Home Skillets
441Home Skillets open spotLucky Cue Home Skillets
442Dennis MaddoxLucky Cue Let's Think About It
443Jonathan GarvinLucky Cue Let's Think About It
444Jordan MelanconLucky Cue Let's Think About It
445Patrick PerksLucky Cue Let's Think About It
446Jeremy DavisLucky Cue Let's Think About It
447Troy GauldenStepbrothers StepAholics
448David PoirierStepbrothers StepAholics
449Lance GauldenStepbrothers StepAholics
450Mike MillionStepbrothers StepAholics
451Joe EasleyStepbrothers StepAholics
452Rusty BoyerStepbrothers StepAholics
453Raj SubramannStepbrothers StepAholics
454Larry PaulCritic's Choice Rooster Up
455Briana SchaeferCritic's Choice Rooster Up
456Jimmy WarrenCritic's Choice Rooster Up
457Alex LindseyCritic's Choice Rooster Up
458Antoinette FieldsCritic's Choice Rooster Up
459Kevin FieldsCritic's Choice Rooster Up
460Ronnie JohnsonCritic's Choice Rooster Up
461Jacob ThompsonCritic's Choice Rooster Up
462Kaylyn MarconiCritic's Choice Rooster Up
463Richard StewartCorner Pocket Fake it til you make it
464Paul TrippiCorner Pocket Fake it til you make it
465Glenn RobinCorner Pocket Fake it til you make it
466Kimberly CarrCorner Pocket Fake it til you make it
467Tim LuweCorner Pocket Fake it til you make it
468Richard VonderbrinkCorner Pocket Fake it til you make it
469Corey FrancisThe Fox House Hold on Loosely
470Karen FrancisThe Fox House Hold on Loosely
471Derek VialThe Fox House Hold on Loosely
472Donnie BoudreauxThe Fox House Hold on Loosely
473Shawn NillenThe Fox House Hold on Loosely
474Rob DuboisThe Fox House Hold on Loosely
475Cherie OrtegoThe Turtle #Team Nips
476Kristin JonesThe Turtle #Team Nips
477Carley RussoThe Turtle #Team Nips
478Brandon JonesThe Turtle #Team Nips
479Richard OrtegoThe Turtle #Team Nips
480Matthew PerkinsThe Turtle #Team Nips
481Bryan HaleThe Turtle #Team Nips
482Penny BlystoneColby's Cocktails Dart Devils
483Tony Blystone Sr.Colby's Cocktails Dart Devils
484Melissa AriasColby's Cocktails Dart Devils
485Tony Blystone Jr.Colby's Cocktails Dart Devils
486Denise HulseyColby's Cocktails Dart Devils
487Andrea PorterColby's Cocktails Dart Devils
488Lewis HenryColby's Cocktails Dart Devils
489Courtney SwibleKJ's Place Flight Risk
490Steve SeilerKJ's Place Flight Risk
491Vicky ManschotKJ's Place Flight Risk
492Ariel AlbrightKJ's Place Flight Risk
493Nan SeilerKJ's Place Flight Risk
494Sam ElmerKJ's Place Flight Risk
495Cristen HemstadKJ's Place Flight Risk
496Justin RamonCleary Tavern Sloppy Trips
497Chrissy RobinsonCleary Tavern Sloppy Trips
498Jaleel BickhamCleary Tavern Sloppy Trips
499Brittney BurkeCleary Tavern Sloppy Trips
500Jaidyn EssickCleary Tavern Sloppy Trips
501Eddie HowardCleary Tavern Sloppy Trips
502Hailey WilliamsCleary Tavern Sloppy Trips
503Donna RohmVinnie's Caddyshack Holy Shit Batman
504Brandi BroussardVinnie's Caddyshack Holy Shit Batman
505Joe TrippiVinnie's Caddyshack Holy Shit Batman
506Jason BroussardVinnie's Caddyshack Holy Shit Batman
507Mike LingVinnie's Caddyshack Holy Shit Batman
508Michelle JunkerVinnie's Caddyshack Holy Shit Batman
509Milton ResseguetThe Mill Wrong Trips
510Jennifer BellettoThe Mill Wrong Trips
511Mark BarreThe Mill Wrong Trips
512Bobby AdamsThe Mill Wrong Trips
513Danny LedetThe Mill Wrong Trips
514Shawn HarveyThe Mill Wrong Trips
515Jason NorthThe Mill Wrong Trips
516Stephanie ReevesThe Blvd Bar Can't Get Right
517Drick SimpsonThe Blvd Bar Can't Get Right
518Justin LoupeThe Blvd Bar Can't Get Right
519Jeremy NicolisiThe Blvd Bar Can't Get Right
520Joe DanielsThe Blvd Bar Can't Get Right
521Gary BakerThe Blvd Bar Can't Get Right
522Byron BrumfieldThe Blvd Bar Can't Get Right
523Gary GriffinDaiquiri Stop D-Stop Darts
524Doyel CalderDaiquiri Stop D-Stop Darts
525Chris McNeilDaiquiri Stop D-Stop Darts
526John BromleyDaiquiri Stop D-Stop Darts
527Crystal BlueDaiquiri Stop D-Stop Darts
528Chris MelanconDaiquiri Stop D-Stop Darts
529Jack AntillDaiquiri Stop D-Stop Darts
530Henry SchmittKool Kats 1 More Shot
531Dicky DurhamKool Kats 1 More Shot
532David ZainiKool Kats 1 More Shot
533Nathan GoodrichKool Kats 1 More Shot
534Brook WalkerKool Kats 1 More Shot
535Lauren WiseKool Kats 1 More Shot
536Heather O'ConnorKool Kats 1 More Shot
537Bobby LingerfeltKool Kats 1 More Shot
538Ricky CosteFulco's Bar Check is in the Mail
539Kellie BoudreauxFulco's Bar Check is in the Mail
540Jessie ArochaFulco's Bar Check is in the Mail
541Glenn CastiloFulco's Bar Check is in the Mail
542Greg PadgettFulco's Bar Check is in the Mail
543Bree JamesFulco's Bar Check is in the Mail
544Michael SanchezThe Fox House We're just here for the Beer
545Chase CalcagnoThe Fox House We're just here for the Beer
546Brady CoppleThe Fox House We're just here for the Beer
547Matthew CeravoloThe Fox House We're just here for the Beer
548Brendan SchorrThe Fox House We're just here for the Beer
549Jim McAcyThe Max Psychos
550Karen McAcyThe Max Psychos
551Sandy MulleThe Max Psychos
552Les DurenThe Max Psychos
553Cathy PrimeauxThe Max Psychos
554Chris CancienneThe Max Psychos
555Eric JuellThe Max Psychos
556Antoine EasterlingThe Max Psychos
557Dimitri NzeemThe Max Psychos
558John MarleyThe Max Psychos
559Blaise HurtelColby's Cocktails Stephanie ATNM
560Keith ParkerColby's Cocktails Stephanie ATNM
561Johnny LopenColby's Cocktails Stephanie ATNM
562Chris AyoColby's Cocktails Stephanie ATNM
563Joe Meyers Jr.Babylon Whorgazm
564Maryann MeyersBabylon Whorgazm
565Bryan Hebert Jr.Babylon Whorgazm
566Pearl DarensburgBabylon Whorgazm
567Wanda HebertBabylon Whorgazm
568Jimmy GriffinKool Katz Skulls
569Will HinckleyKool Katz Skulls
570Jerry BrockingtonKool Katz Skulls
571Jessica BrockingtonKool Katz Skulls
572Rick NysonKool Katz Skulls
573Melody GriffinKool Katz Skulls
574Chris MorganThe Turtle #Team Nips
575Randy BoudreauxThe Turtle #Team Nips
576Desiree Thornton3rd Base Rucking Rassroles*
577Bobby Creel3rd Base Rucking Rassroles*
578Scott WollastonCleary Tavern W.W.S.D.*
579Ben Rogers3rd Base Just the Tip*
580Brent Schexnayder7001 Sports Bar Jerry's Kids*
581Mark StarnsBabylon Demons of Babylon*
582Jason RootBabylon Demons of Babylon*
583John CoatesKool Katz Skulls*
584Roy Caronna3rd Base Lucky Darts 2.0*
585Joe DufreneShenanigans Shots and Darts*
586Tommy EvansPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers*
587Allen GregoirePerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers*
588Elias KurallPair of Dice Triple D's
589Raymond StokesSports Club Dart Dogs
590Scott ThurmanColby's Cocktails Put it in the Hole*
591Adam MathisColby's Cocktails Put it in the Hole*
592Chris LynchCleary Tavern That's What She Said*
593Kreg ExstersteinCleary Tavern Scratch-n-Sniff*
594Candace Alphonso Cleary Tavern Scratch-n-Sniff*
595Charlie VicknairSportsBeat Deadbeats
596Chris HowardStepbrothers StepAholics
597Cody SavoyCorner Pocket Fake it til you make it*
598Danny PopichKJ's Place Flight Risk*
599Dominick ConiglioCleary Tavern Sloppy Trips*
600Nate PenningtonVinnie's Caddyshack Holy Shit Batman
601Corey RuizUncle Joe's Nobody
602Rene PicouCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us*
603Ashley SolomonPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers*
604Jeanelle NewtonKings Cabaret Bullshyters*
605Chad WellsKings Cabaret Bullshyters*
606Theresa ThompsonThe Porthole Jameson Please
607Mike TheriotCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us*
608Daniel GayCleary Tavern Ronnie Tricked Us*
609Audrey Guthrie3rd Base Lucky Darts 2.0*
610John GlawsonBuffalo's One Daht*
611John KurallPair of Dice Triple D's*
612Dillon BonkVinnie's Caddyshack Bulls on Parade
613Barry DominguezVinnie's Caddyshack Holy Shit Batman
614Dylan AdamsCleary Tavern Scratch-n-Sniff*
615Robert Spizale Lucky Cue Let's Think About It*
616DJ WinnBlindspot T.D.S.
617David JunkerBlindspot T.D.S.
618Joey BahamChateau Pub Off in da shower*
619Evan ShurleyBuoy's The Trips
620Jake KadingerSports Club Really?*
621Glenn PenningtonColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
622Terrill Downey Sr.Joe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
623Bennie MaesThe Turtle Damage Inc*
624Jessica KnightSidelines Night! Night!*
625Richard LienhopCorner Pocket Fake it til you make it*
626Jennifer GallegosColby's Cocktails Stephanie ATNM*
627Tomas Taylor3rd Base Rucking Rassroles*
628Kevin Wehlen7001 Sports Bar Jerry's Kids*
629Stephen GoPaulKool Katz Skulls
630Denis PensolinCoach's Corner Capeesh
631Kelley LucurtoCoach's Corner Capeesh
632Lonnie Waguespack3rd Base Lucky Darts 2.0*
633Augie GarciaBuoy's The Trips
634Taylor Purcell3rd Base The Breakfast Club*
635Joshua FairchildThe Fox House We're just here for the Beer*
636Tim CloudKool Katz Skulls
637Jacob KreiterJB's Straight Trippin
638Luke FarabaughPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers*
639Lisa ColbyColby's Cocktails Stephanie ATNM*
640Steve SnowBabylon Inglorious Bastards II*
641Brian GelpiPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers*
642Dave PoweThe Blvd Bar Can't Get Right