Player Numbers

Rev. 2018-04-20

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Player NumberPlayer NameTeam
1Jude Sanchez3rd Base Ruck Wheats
2Keith Villafranco Sr.3rd Base Ruck Wheats
3Keith Villafranco Jr.3rd Base Ruck Wheats
4Jose Trigueros3rd Base Ruck Wheats
5Thomas "Bubba" Santos3rd Base Ruck Wheats
6Gabe Santos3rd Base Ruck Wheats
7Terrell Thornton3rd Base Ruck Wheats
8Kenric Thornton3rd Base Ruck Wheats
9Tomas Taylor3rd Base Ruck Wheats
10Billy WebbRed Bastille Dart Nutz
11Nick SwiberRed Bastille Dart Nutz
12Percy TrondsenRed Bastille Dart Nutz
13Josh AncarRed Bastille Dart Nutz
14Anthony VicknairRed Bastille Dart Nutz
15Zack AromyRed Bastille Dart Nutz
16Ronnie DalleoGas Station What's Our Name?
17Steve CorcoranGas Station What's Our Name?
18Jon LeggioGas Station What's Our Name?
19Chuckie GraffGas Station What's Our Name?
20Josh CastanedoGas Station What's Our Name?
21Jesse BatesGas Station What's Our Name?
22Bobby CreelGas Station What's Our Name?
23Shawn LoupeGas Station Legend Killers
24Ricky CharlesGas Station Legend Killers
25Kenny LeblancGas Station Legend Killers
26Dale KramerGas Station Legend Killers
27Eugene BaxleyGas Station Legend Killers
28Steve RaineyUncle Joe's Nobody
29Billy OconnerUncle Joe's Nobody
30Neil SaiaUncle Joe's Nobody
31Roy DominickUncle Joe's Nobody
32Corey RuizUncle Joe's Nobody
33ZookCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
34Augie FreyCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
35Keith McDonaldCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
36Phil LutherCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
37Mark WebbCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
38Reid SaiaCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
39Al WortmanCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
40Gary GunterCoach's Corner Lucky 13
41Richie EverettCoach's Corner Lucky 13
42Bobby MarverCoach's Corner Lucky 13
43Alan BrownCoach's Corner Lucky 13
44Katie BaileyCoach's Corner Lucky 13
45Mike JaegerCoach's Corner Lucky 13
46Nick RevonCoach's Corner Lucky 13
47Jonathan HastingsChateau Pub Off in da shower
48David HastingsChateau Pub Off in da shower
49Devin HastingsChateau Pub Off in da shower
50Tony SmithChateau Pub Off in da shower
51Brett CookChateau Pub Off in da shower
52Chris LaurentChateau Pub Off in da shower
53Wayne PritchettUncle Joe's Uncle Joe's Bros
54Chris SchmidtUncle Joe's Uncle Joe's Bros
55Alex SchmidtUncle Joe's Uncle Joe's Bros
56Craig SteppUncle Joe's Uncle Joe's Bros
57Chad ShoemakerUncle Joe's Uncle Joe's Bros
58Louis Trusty Sr.Uncle Joe's Uncle Joe's Bros
59Darren PierceySidelines Yeah, It's In
60David RushSidelines Yeah, It's In
61Jerry OckmandSidelines Yeah, It's In
62Billy PratSidelines Yeah, It's In
63Marc ParraSidelines Yeah, It's In
64Kevin CazaleSidelines Yeah, It's In
65Scott KorndorferStepbrothers Doggers
66Wayne TauzierStepbrothers Doggers
67Glenn SchiaffinoStepbrothers Doggers
68Jim BuckelStepbrothers Doggers
69Brad DesselleStepbrothers Doggers
70Chris MackStepbrothers Doggers
71Ben VezinatDolly's Beers Before Bulls
72Kevin GregoireDolly's Beers Before Bulls
73Heber RobredoDolly's Beers Before Bulls
74Tracie FussellDolly's Beers Before Bulls
75John BadingerDolly's Beers Before Bulls
76Renee AlaminaDolly's Beers Before Bulls
77Brian TurnerSportsBeat Tons of Bull
78Lauren SchexnayderSportsBeat Tons of Bull
79Adam SmallsSportsBeat Tons of Bull
80Andrew HammackSportsBeat Tons of Bull
81Brent SchexnayderSportsBeat Tons of Bull
82Spencer Van NormanSportsBeat Tons of Bull
83Gene VazBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
84John IllgBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
85Tony LucasBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
86Joe "JLo" LopiccoloBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
87David PulliamBig's Trudeau Tavern $2 Gene's
89Robert BurkeBabylon Bad News Babylonians
90Robert ZiglerBabylon Bad News Babylonians
91Royce JohnsonBabylon Bad News Babylonians
92Kevin DoyleBabylon Bad News Babylonians
93Ashley SmithBabylon Bad News Babylonians
94Drew TuckerBabylon Bad News Babylonians
95Rick GraffeoBabylon Bad News Babylonians
96Robby SchnadelbachDBC Bar & Grill Suck My Cork
97Stan CooperDBC Bar & Grill Suck My Cork
98Dylan MyerDBC Bar & Grill Suck My Cork
99Justin HondroulisDBC Bar & Grill Suck My Cork
100Joe StengleDBC Bar & Grill Suck My Cork
101Scott WinterThe Mill Classic Rewind
102Donald HanemannThe Mill Classic Rewind
103Jason BaudierThe Mill Classic Rewind
104David MooreThe Mill Classic Rewind
105Brian MonsonThe Mill Classic Rewind
106Dale MaybankThe Mill Classic Rewind
107Kevin HazardThe Mill Classic Rewind
108Troy GarnerGas Station Zubras
109Gavin CookGas Station Zubras
110Damon SeniaGas Station Zubras
111Glenn MarquetteGas Station Zubras
112Steve FurstSportsBeat Hellifino
113Todd SeitherSportsBeat Hellifino
114Tom PettySportsBeat Hellifino
115Brad McAdamSportsBeat Hellifino
116Staci McAdamSportsBeat Hellifino
117Charlie VicknairSportsBeat Hellifino
118Jay WinterSportsBeat Hellifino
119Cullen CuretteSportsBeat Hellifino
120Rene PicouSportsBeat Hellifino
121Chris WehlenPerry's Sports Bar Yeah baby, Gotta Love It
122Greg DiettelPerry's Sports Bar Yeah baby, Gotta Love It
123Jerry WehlenPerry's Sports Bar Yeah baby, Gotta Love It
124Shawn TauzinPerry's Sports Bar Yeah baby, Gotta Love It
125Jonathan AlbertPerry's Sports Bar Yeah baby, Gotta Love It
126Michael LacroutsChampions In The Middle
127Brandon CathcartChampions In The Middle
128Frank DubretChampions In The Middle
129Ritchie ArnoldChampions In The Middle
130Mike SclafiniChampions In The Middle
131Mark OrtizChampions In The Middle
132Leslie BelairChampions In The Middle
133Bob RaynoThe Fox House The Trips
134Mike CharbonnetThe Fox House The Trips
135Josh GreenThe Fox House The Trips
136Jeff MarcelloThe Fox House The Trips
137Andrew BoyleThe Fox House The Trips
138Kimberly Twilbeck3rd Base Dart Mafia
139Darlene Guerra3rd Base Dart Mafia
140Kemberly Donaldson3rd Base Dart Mafia
141Tracie Feeney3rd Base Dart Mafia
142Chris Dove3rd Base Dart Mafia
143Allison Bott3rd Base Dart Mafia
144Buster DeMatteoRootbeers Does It Matter?
145Wendell RebaldoRootbeers Does It Matter?
146Chad KleinRootbeers Does It Matter?
147Paul DruryRootbeers Does It Matter?
148Bradley LadnerRootbeers Does It Matter?
149Mike BulliganRootbeers Does It Matter?
150Barry CarrThe Turtle Damage Inc
151Peter GeigerThe Turtle Damage Inc
152Jason AsevedoThe Turtle Damage Inc
153Joe DominiqueThe Turtle Damage Inc
154Joe WaechterThe Turtle Damage Inc
155Tim HenryThe Turtle Damage Inc
156Craig AdamThe Turtle Damage Inc
157Randy CarrThe Turtle Damage Inc
158Matt DubucSwamp Room Legion of Bull
159Brad JosephSwamp Room Legion of Bull
160Ian HarperSwamp Room Legion of Bull
161Tony TorrollSwamp Room Legion of Bull
162Mike JunkerSwamp Room Legion of Bull
163Scott StoneSwamp Room Legion of Bull
164DJ WinnSwamp Room Legion of Bull
165Bobby DubucSwamp Room Legion of Bull
166Ryan DowdSwamp Room Legion of Bull
167Brett TarantoPlayers Pub Straight Trippin
168Blair TarantoPlayers Pub Straight Trippin
169Billy ColemanPlayers Pub Straight Trippin
170Brett AccardoPlayers Pub Straight Trippin
171Sean BoudreauxPlayers Pub Straight Trippin
172Carl LabitPlayers Pub Straight Trippin
173Chris JoergerPlayers Pub Straight Trippin
174Drew McGuireCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
175Billy FontenotCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
176Robert ColombelCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
177Ryan FrickCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
178Art HattierCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
179Michael HarrisonCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
180Jeremiah HammonsCoach's Corner Rick's Misfits
181 Ronbo Perkins The Fox House El' Gringo's
182 Jimmy Ruchert The Fox House El' Gringo's
183 Blake Rodriguez The Fox House El' Gringo's
184 Billy Gugliuzza The Fox House El' Gringo's
185 Jose Naredo The Fox House El' Gringo's
186 Ronnie Jenkins The Fox House El' Gringo's
187Donald HertzDaiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
188Ed BagnellDaiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
189Richard GravesDaiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
190Harry Meisel Daiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
191Sheila Irizarry Daiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
192Mike JudgeDaiquiris and Creams Sheila's Boids
193Malcolm MunsterJB's Bar Zack Attack
194Zach WakefieldJB's Bar Zack Attack
195Craig HarringtonJB's Bar Zack Attack
196Johnny AndersonJB's Bar Zack Attack
197Hunter StewartJB's Bar Zack Attack
198Schuyler LawyerJB's Bar Zack Attack
199Ed FahrenholtPair of Dice 28-3
200Keith LaufPair of Dice 28-3
201Jason BlyttPair of Dice 28-3
202James TeroPair of Dice 28-3
203Kenneth BayardPair of Dice 28-3
204Shane FortnerTavern on Vets Stick It In
205Tony OrtizTavern on Vets Stick It In
206Mimi OrtizTavern on Vets Stick It In
207Michael ZieglerTavern on Vets Stick It In
208Jose DavadiTavern on Vets Stick It In
209Steve CzaharaTavern on Vets Stick It In
210Mindy BottsTavern on Vets Stick It In
211Eric PenningtonTavern on Vets Stick It In
212Craig MorvantSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
213Dreux MorvantSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
214Scott MorvantSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
215Dean D'AntonioSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
216Clint HawkinsSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
217Steve TircuitSportsBeat Blatant Disrespect
218Seth HowardChateau Pub Threw Dat!
219Travis GremillionChateau Pub Threw Dat!
220Mikie DantonioChateau Pub Threw Dat!
221Freddie AdamsChateau Pub Threw Dat!
222David MacalusoChateau Pub Threw Dat!
223Floyd HowardChateau Pub Threw Dat!
224Bobby BeckSports Club Really?
225Anne BeckSports Club Really?
226Michael BeckSports Club Really?
227Trey GaudetSports Club Really?
228Tim LusignanSports Club Really?
229Scott TraxlerSports Club Really?
230Keith TrahantSports Club Really?
231Louis WiltSports Club Dart Dogs
232Rob BornhostSports Club Dart Dogs
233Steve WiltSports Club Dart Dogs
234Scott SavoySports Club Dart Dogs
235Jim ButlerSports Club Dart Dogs
236Dave OlivierSports Club Dart Dogs
237Michelle MoralesPair of Dice SNAFU
238Paul Morales IIIPair of Dice SNAFU
239Steve VazPair of Dice SNAFU
240Tommy StuartPair of Dice SNAFU
241Graham FoggPair of Dice SNAFU
242Bob CollinsPair of Dice SNAFU
243Terrel LewisPair of Dice SNAFU
244Ashley SolomonPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
245Jack LyonPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
246Troy GelpiPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
247Mike HamiltonPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
248John McDonaldPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
249Anthony LammPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
250Tony RodiPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
251Brian GelpiPerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
253Taylor Van GeffenChateau Pub Will and the Rat Pack
254Joey LucurtoChateau Pub Will and the Rat Pack
255Scarlett LucurtoChateau Pub Will and the Rat Pack
256Will& Rat Pack open spotChateau Pub Will and the Rat Pack
257Brandon SchexnayderChateau Pub Will and the Rat Pack
258Will LejeuneChateau Pub Will and the Rat Pack
259Mike LaporteDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
260Doyle CooperDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
261Joe CooperDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
262Mike McAndrewDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
263Dee LafayeDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
264Carl IndestDBC Bar & Grill Bacchus in Exile
265Ryan OliveriThe Turtle Tickle My Pickle
266Lindsay ReineThe Turtle Tickle My Pickle
267Freddy JacobThe Turtle Tickle My Pickle
268Chris MorganThe Turtle Tickle My Pickle
269Randy BoudreauxThe Turtle Tickle My Pickle
270Jessica TerranovaThe Turtle Tickle My Pickle
271Peg HirscheyThe Turtle Tickle My Pickle
272Kim RauchDaiquiris & Creams Knights
273Javier CampuzanoDaiquiris & Creams Knights
274Mike BeecherDaiquiris & Creams Knights
275Dennis AntoiniDaiquiris & Creams Knights
276Craig StreetDaiquiris & Creams Knights
277Doobie BonckDaiquiris & Creams Knights
278Tommy SerpasDaiquiris & Creams Knights
279Mark HarrisonThe Max W.B. Crew
280Mario GalliotoThe Max W.B. Crew
281Stephen GalliotoThe Max W.B. Crew
282Dane OrtegaThe Max W.B. Crew
283Randy OrtegaThe Max W.B. Crew
284Scott HannanThe Max W.B. Crew
285Chris HedrickThe Max W.B. Crew
286John TombaThe Max W.B. Crew
287Melinda WardPair of Dice Hit That
288Eddie TepenPair of Dice Hit That
289Stephanie BeauvaisPair of Dice Hit That
290Chris BertucciPair of Dice Hit That
291Scott GibsonPair of Dice Hit That
292Bert Desadier3rd Base The Flying Donkeys
293Randy Ruiz3rd Base The Flying Donkeys
294Tonya Canova3rd Base The Flying Donkeys
295Paul Landry3rd Base The Flying Donkeys
296Daryl LoweThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
297Larry HolmanThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
298Albert BerniosThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
299John DunnThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
300Mike BordelonThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
301Robert PrejeantThe Clinic The Dart Doctors
302Jimmy PocheBuffalo's Stick It
303Mitch FoorBuffalo's Stick It
304Nick RichardBuffalo's Stick It
305Chris GalloBuffalo's Stick It
306Robbie CasseBuffalo's Stick It
307Austin KylesBuffalo's Stick It
308Jason JarvinenBuffalo's Stick It
309Beck MorganGas Station 2 Girls Stuck on a Fence
310Shanyn SavoisGas Station 2 Girls Stuck on a Fence
311Desiree ThorntonGas Station 2 Girls Stuck on a Fence
312Tracie NicolosiGas Station 2 Girls Stuck on a Fence
313Wanda LoweryGas Station 2 Girls Stuck on a Fence
314Ashley CarliseGas Station 2 Girls Stuck on a Fence
315David RittinerTarpon Joe's Fat 20's
316Bert MillerTarpon Joe's Fat 20's
317Matt RoseTarpon Joe's Fat 20's
318Joseph HalmTarpon Joe's Fat 20's
319Brad CollinsTarpon Joe's Fat 20's
320Cory BreauxTarpon Joe's Fat 20's
321Sid GaudetBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
322Brian LandryBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
323Craig BrogleBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
324Brian BrogleBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
325Jose SosaBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
326Michael BrandonBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
327Adam VazBig's Trudeau Tavern #GFY
328Trey Neck3rd Base The Breakfast Club
329Trevor Arthor3rd Base The Breakfast Club
330Zach Pollock3rd Base The Breakfast Club
331Hunter Menendez3rd Base The Breakfast Club
332Parker Chavis3rd Base The Breakfast Club
333Morgan Crawford3rd Base The Breakfast Club
334Shane Ferrara3rd Base Darty South
335Giovoni Sanchez3rd Base Darty South
336Bryce Bailes3rd Base Darty South
337Taylor Curtis3rd Base Darty South
338Steve SellersCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
339Scott ClementCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
340Steve ClementCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
341Amanda ClementCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
342Brandi PattersonCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations
343John GrandolfoGennaro's Big Dogs
344Danny AdkinsGennaro's Big Dogs
345Eric StuartGennaro's Big Dogs
346Mike MeisnerGennaro's Big Dogs
347Cory StuartGennaro's Big Dogs
348Lee MeisnerGennaro's Big Dogs
349Rich SireraGennaro's Big Dogs
350Stephen EckerleGennaro's Big Dogs
351Brian FettyTavern on Citrus B'z Nuts
352Trent MillerTavern on Citrus B'z Nuts
353Christian BartholomewTavern on Citrus B'z Nuts
354Roddy JehleTavern on Citrus B'z Nuts
355Jarnell MackTavern on Citrus B'z Nuts
356Kenny FroschTavern on Citrus B'z Nuts
357Bill MazeratShenanigans So There I Was
358Gary GriffinShenanigans So There I Was
359Ray ShoemakerShenanigans So There I Was
360Angie SeiffertShenanigans So There I Was
361Mike NigroShenanigans So There I Was
362Dana WelchShenanigans So There I Was
363Brandon VicknairJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
364Joe GalianoJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
365Zac FisherJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
366Blake MorrisJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
367Corky DennisJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
368Emily ZieglerJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
369Brennan SchexnayderJoe's Caddy Corner Brew Krewe
370Brad EstaSportsBeat Deadbeats
371Boo OustaletSportsBeat Deadbeats
372Joe ExniciosSportsBeat Deadbeats
373Johnny YoderSportsBeat Deadbeats
374Billy SaundersSportsBeat Deadbeats
375Norman BonnettSportsBeat Deadbeats
376Dennis MaddoxLucky Cue Throwin' Hands
377Jimmy WelborneLucky Cue Throwin' Hands
378Robert SpizaleLucky Cue Throwin' Hands
379Jeremy DavisLucky Cue Throwin' Hands
380Shane RyanLucky Cue Throwin' Hands
381Jason VinsonLucky Cue Throwin' Hands
382Jonathan GarvinLucky Cue Throwin' Hands
383Brian McCarthy Jr.Chateau Pub Deez Nuts
384Erik GabrielChateau Pub Deez Nuts
385David BonnetteChateau Pub Deez Nuts
386Troy FranckChateau Pub Deez Nuts
387Duane SloweyChateau Pub Deez Nuts
388Sonny PenningtonColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
389Richard ChaseColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
390Glenn TheriotColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
391Sharon PenningtonColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
392Mike HudsonColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
393Cheryl BieserColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
394Bryan DeRochaColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
395Matt PlunkettColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
396Barbara SararesesColby's Café Over The Hill Gang
397Shaun GeorgeTavern on Citrus Wednesday's Hangover
398Jeff MaumusTavern on Citrus Wednesday's Hangover
399Gian NicolosiTavern on Citrus Wednesday's Hangover
400Lester BouchonTavern on Citrus Wednesday's Hangover
401Clint FosterTavern on Citrus Wednesday's Hangover
402Kevin DoyleTavern on Citrus Wednesday's Hangover
403Mike O'NealTavern on Citrus Wednesday's Hangover
404Richie Turcios3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
405April Turcios3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
406Mike Mulder3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
407Floyd Sampey3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
408Glen Marino3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
409Tim Bascle3rd Base Saints-N-Sinners
410Robert Babin3rd Base Cluster Fuk
411Joseph Ziegler3rd Base Cluster Fuk
412Chris Dickson3rd Base Cluster Fuk
413Hugo Alphonso3rd Base Cluster Fuk
414Rafael Socorro3rd Base Cluster Fuk
415Donna RohmKJ's Place Going Rogue
416Brandi BroussardKJ's Place Going Rogue
417Mike SellsKJ's Place Going Rogue
418Joseph TrippiKJ's Place Going Rogue
419Paul TrippiKJ's Place Going Rogue
420Jason BroussardKJ's Place Going Rogue
421Chuck EagertonThe Turtle And Somebody Tell Justin
422Justin HungermanThe Turtle And Somebody Tell Justin
423Steve RafeedieThe Turtle And Somebody Tell Justin
424Ricky FroebaThe Turtle And Somebody Tell Justin
425Marissa UnverdorbenThe Turtle And Somebody Tell Justin
426Kenny YatesThe Turtle And Somebody Tell Justin
427Jay ClineShenanigans Someone Say Shenanigans
428Freddie WistromShenanigans Someone Say Shenanigans
429Shaun DanosShenanigans Someone Say Shenanigans
430Bobby FriedShenanigans Someone Say Shenanigans
431Ron GallowayShenanigans Someone Say Shenanigans
432Anthony PetrocelliPair of Dice Therapy Needed
433Justin BreathPair of Dice Therapy Needed
434Devin WomackPair of Dice Therapy Needed
435David MetgePair of Dice Therapy Needed
436Gabrielle CookPair of Dice Therapy Needed
437Milton ResseguetThe Mill Wrong Trips
438Jason NorthThe Mill Wrong Trips
439Mark BarreThe Mill Wrong Trips
440Danny LedetThe Mill Wrong Trips
441Bobby AdamsThe Mill Wrong Trips
442Jennifer BellettoThe Mill Wrong Trips
443Shawn HarveyThe Mill Wrong Trips
444Stephen SkalaStepbrothers StepAholics
445Dave PoirierStepbrothers StepAholics
446Megan MorseStepbrothers StepAholics
447Rusty BoyerStepbrothers StepAholics
448Steve LanterStepbrothers StepAholics
449Raj SubramanianStepbrothers StepAholics
450Bekka HuguetThe Fox House Fox Force Five
451Johnathan CampbellThe Fox House Fox Force Five
452Tony StauderThe Fox House Fox Force Five
453Raven BurkartThe Fox House Fox Force Five
454Bryan TassinThe Fox House Fox Force Five
455Garrett PuyaoThe Fox House Fox Force Five
456Antonia WinderKJ's Place Back in Time
457Mike BinghamKJ's Place Back in Time
458Kris WinderKJ's Place Back in Time
459Robert BrooksKJ's Place Back in Time
460Donald BrooksKJ's Place Back in Time
461Leroy FortadoKJ's Place Back in Time
462Brandon MusacchiaKJ's Place Back in Time
463Kristin BilliotBabylon MA'FamIliA
464Michael DiamondBabylon MA'FamIliA
465TJ BilliotBabylon MA'FamIliA
466Terrell Billiot Jr.Babylon MA'FamIliA
467Vinnie RizzutoBabylon MA'FamIliA
468Anthony ViallonBabylon MA'FamIliA
469Jim McAcyThe Max Psychos
470Karen McAcyThe Max Psychos
471Elaine GarnerThe Max Psychos
472Sandy MulleThe Max Psychos
473Les DurenThe Max Psychos
474Cathy PrimeauxThe Max Psychos
475Jeff McAcyThe Max Psychos
476Chris CancienneThe Max Psychos
477Eric JuellThe Max Psychos
478Stan HebertThe Max Psychos
479Lou PerezKings Cabaret Bullshyters
480Nancy KirkKings Cabaret Bullshyters
481David VitranoKings Cabaret Bullshyters
482George WinninghamKings Cabaret Bullshyters
483Gary BurghardtKings Cabaret Bullshyters
484Brianna SchaeferCritic's Choice Rooster Up!
485Larry PaulCritic's Choice Rooster Up!
486Alex LindseyCritic's Choice Rooster Up!
487Antoinette FieldsCritic's Choice Rooster Up!
488Kevin FieldsCritic's Choice Rooster Up!
489Rebecca LewisGas Station The Replacements
490Darren DupuyGas Station The Replacements
491Karla ParrGas Station The Replacements
492Mike HotardGas Station The Replacements
493Rich RomeGas Station The Replacements
494Christina HotardGas Station The Replacements
495Adam ChampagneGas Station The Replacements
496Alyssa VicknairGas Station The Replacements
497Joe FelicianaKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
498Jason Hippy CarmenaKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
499Rob JohnsonKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
500Mike HillKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
501Mary CrollKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
502Bill GoodwinKJ's Place Bad But Good At It
503David MeisterPlayers Pub Cool Darts
504Carl RobeauPlayers Pub Cool Darts
505Karen AscaniPlayers Pub Cool Darts
506Claire LantierPlayers Pub Cool Darts
507Jim JabiPlayers Pub Cool Darts
508Lauren HagePlayers Pub Cool Darts
509Ed BrickfordPlayers Pub Cool Darts
510Kenny LittlePlayers Pub Cool Darts
511Jason LandryPlayers Pub Cool Darts
512Lance LandryPlayers Pub Cool Darts
513Chris AyoColby's Cocktails Date Night
514Lisa WatkinsColby's Cocktails Date Night
515Al PulliamColby's Cocktails Date Night
516Tommy PorterColby's Cocktails Date Night
517Andrea PorterColby's Cocktails Date Night
518Kathy MartinyColby's Cocktails Date Night
519Kip McCollumColby's Cocktails Date Night
520Josh McCollumColby's Cocktails Date Night
521Dave BarkerThe Fox House Peaches & Cream
522Robert DubosThe Fox House Peaches & Cream
523Corey FrancisThe Fox House Peaches & Cream
524Karen FrancisThe Fox House Peaches & Cream
525Shawn NillenThe Fox House Peaches & Cream
526Penny BlystoneStir Looney Tunes
527Tony Blystone Sr.Stir Looney Tunes
528Melissa AriasStir Looney Tunes
529Tony Blystone Jr.Stir Looney Tunes
530Denise HulseyStir Looney Tunes
531Lewis HenryStir Looney Tunes
532Gavin MenzatoGas Station Lubricated Ball Busters
533Dustie LabatGas Station Lubricated Ball Busters
534Terrin GuidryGas Station Lubricated Ball Busters
535Stacey BatesGas Station Lubricated Ball Busters
536Laurie GordonGas Station Lubricated Ball Busters
537Nesa ComardelleGas Station Lubricated Ball Busters
538Christina MejiaGas Station Lubricated Ball Busters
539Henry SchmittShootin' Gallery 1 More Shot
540Bobby LingerfeltShootin' Gallery 1 More Shot
541David CummingsShootin' Gallery 1 More Shot
542David ZainiShootin' Gallery 1 More Shot
543Courtney DurhamShootin' Gallery 1 More Shot
544Dicky DurhamShootin' Gallery 1 More Shot
545Nathan GoodrichShootin' Gallery 1 More Shot
546Larry DeemsShootin' Gallery 1 More Shot
547Brittany TullierThe Porthole Bulls on Parade
548Jordan RicouardThe Porthole Bulls on Parade
549Yvonne RearickThe Porthole Bulls on Parade
550Teddy MorelThe Porthole Bulls on Parade
551Ryan GilmoreThe Porthole Bulls on Parade
552Joe PetersonThe Porthole Bulls on Parade
553Kenny FernandezThe Porthole Bulls on Parade
554Tim MatrangaThe Porthole Bulls on Parade
555Stephanie ReevesThe Office Bar Can't Get Right
556Drick SimpsonThe Office Bar Can't Get Right
557Stern DouglasThe Office Bar Can't Get Right
558Diana DouglasThe Office Bar Can't Get Right
559Blaise HurffThe Office Bar Can't Get Right
560Ken HieberThe Office Bar Can't Get Right
561Cherie OrtegoThe Turtle D/N/A Darts N Alcohol
562Kristin JonesThe Turtle D/N/A Darts N Alcohol
563Brandon JonesThe Turtle D/N/A Darts N Alcohol
564Richard OrtegoThe Turtle D/N/A Darts N Alcohol
565Matthew PerkinsThe Turtle D/N/A Darts N Alcohol
566Garret MoralesThe Turtle D/N/A Darts N Alcohol
567Carly RussoThe Turtle D/N/A Darts N Alcohol
568Mike BoureoisThe Fox House Bearded Clams
569Chaz MillerThe Fox House Bearded Clams
570Laurie HinesThe Fox House Bearded Clams
571Brittney GardnerThe Fox House Bearded Clams
572Matthew PayanThe Fox House Bearded Clams
573Justin DeJeanThe Fox House Bearded Clams
574Ashley PerryFatty's The Bad Dart Players
575Jen CanizaroFatty's The Bad Dart Players
576Brooke GaudyFatty's The Bad Dart Players
577Mark PooleFatty's The Bad Dart Players
578Eddie PatrickCaddyShack Caddy Crew
579Joe PetersonCaddyShack Caddy Crew
580Chris RecinosCaddyShack Caddy Crew
581Austin JayCaddyShack Caddy Crew
582Kate Chariot WrightCaddyShack Caddy Crew
583Lexi DyerCaddyShack Caddy Crew
584Ray SpainCaddyShack Caddy Crew
585Greg HeaslipCaddyShack Caddy Crew
586Kelley Lucurto Jr.Chateau Pub Silky Johnsons
587David MorvantChateau Pub Silky Johnsons
588Sal Lucurto Jr.Chateau Pub Silky Johnsons
589Chase Rivers Chateau Pub Silky Johnsons
590Johnny RiversChateau Pub Silky Johnsons
591Sal Lucurto Sr.Chateau Pub Silky Johnsons
592Dylan HoltzclawOut of Bounds Double Bullshit
593Clay HeidingsfelderOut of Bounds Double Bullshit
594Kris VonderhaarOut of Bounds Double Bullshit
595Ryan McArthurOut of Bounds Double Bullshit
596Kristen ThorntonOut of Bounds Double Bullshit
597Michael KrauseOut of Bounds Double Bullshit
598Tommy ArbonOut of Bounds Double Bullshit
599Kevin MclellanCritic's Choice Evil Never Dies
600Scott ThurmanChampions In The Middle
601Paul LottPair of Dice 28-3
602John LoupPair of Dice 28-3
603Josh BoudreauxPair of Dice Hit That*
604Sydni LandreneauTarpon Joe's Fat 20's*
605Shaun Dominique3rd Base Darty South*
606Trey Morvant3rd Base Darty South*
607Patrick AcheeCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations*
608Greer GuidryCoach's Corner Lowered Expectations*
609Derick Blackmer3rd Base Cluster Fuk*
610Kenny HillCritic's Choice Rooster Up!*
611Russell SchaefferThe Fox House Bearded Clams*
615Jeff SeubeGas Station Legend Killers*
616Jenny TaylorSidelines Yeah, It's In*
617Barry BairnsfatherGas Station Zubras*
618Devin BonnetteGas Station Zubras*
619Jason FikeGas Station Zubras*
620Eddie RomePerry's Sports Bar 601 Smokers
621Dylan Ortego3rd Base The Flying Donkeys*
622Phillip Baker3rd Base The Flying Donkeys*
624Tommy Petrocceli Jr.Pair of Dice Therapy Needed
625Panama RomeroThe Fox House Fox Force Five*
626Ed PicouKings Cabaret Bullshyters*
627Theresa ThompsonThe Fox House Bearded Clams*
628Beth SchubertUncle Joe's Uncle Joe's Bros*
629Grant SibleyOut of Bounds Double Bullshit*
633Jason Comardelle3rd Base Ruck Wheats*
634Tommy GuidrozRootbeers Does It Matter?
638Keith PorcheKings Cabaret Bullshyters*
639Steve VollenweiderThe Porthole Bulls on Parade*
640Tyler WinterSportsBeat Hellifino
641Daniel CookChateau Pub Off in da shower
642Jason HamptonBabylon Bad News Babylonians*
643Craig CathcartChampions In The Middle
644Joe DanielsChampions In The Middle
645Darrin ConawayGas Station 2 Girls Stuck on a Fence*
646Alexa CraigGas Station Lubricated Ball Busters*
648Josh MixGas Station Show Your Tips*
649Jason SolerGas Station Show Your Tips*
650Troy DakinPlayers Pub Cool Darts*
651JT WrightCaddyShack Caddy Crew
652Anthony RohrColby's Cocktails Date Night*
653Vince Caruso3rd Base The Flying Donkeys*
654Paul DugasSportsBeat Tons of Bull*
655James FairbanksJB's Bar Zack Attack*
656Tim Beknel3rd Base The Flying Donkeys*